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Friday, 18 May 2012

This Old Mortar Chimney Was Repointed, But Not By Us

This Old Chimney Was Built With Lime Mortar Which Acts As A Wick To Let Out Any Moisture.
When The Chimney Was Re-Pointed The Previous Builder Used Sand And  Cement, Any Water Left In The Chimney Cannot Escape, In Freezing Conditions This Causes Expansion Which Will Eventually Loosen The Bricks, The Solutions Would Be To Either Rebuild The Chimney In Engineering Bricks,  Fit A Lead Tray With New Lead Flashing's,  Or Completely Remove The Chimney. Then Repair The Missing Ridge Board And Rafter, Replace The Welsh Slate, Fit A New Vented Ridge.
Moving Direction Of Downpipe Due To Leaves Blocking Drains On Customers Request.
We Repair Cracks Between The Main Building And Any Extentions, The Whole House Was Painted With Five Coats Of Pliolite Paint, New Swish Fascia, Soffits, Gutters, Down Pipes, We Fitted Five Rehau Windows With 28mm Double Glazed Toughened Sealed Units With Diamond Leaded Vents, A New Front Door Was Fitted With High Security Locks.

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